SkyBridge® InstantRemoting is the simplest and yet most powerful remoting technology

It takes three lines of code for any two computers in the world to instantly exchange arbitrary byte arrays. There can be infinite types of applications. It works on OSI model layer 4 - transportation layer.

Both computers establish outgoing TCP connections to port 52888 of one of the SkyBridge® servers, which acts as the middleman to facilitate the data exchange.

Your data is secure. Every connection is uniquely encrypted using TLS. Our servers do not store, log or inspect the data in transit.

A single SkyBridge® server can handle 5000 invoke-response round-trips per second. The AWS auto-scaling technology automatically launches new servers if the load ramps up.

The three lines of code

For detailed instructions, see the SkyBridge® InstantRemoting .NET Programmer's Guide.

The invoked computer is a service, and the invoking computer is a client.

To write a service or client console app:

  1. Open Visual Studio
  2. Create a console app targeting .NET 6.0/.NET Framework 4.7.2 or above.
  3. Add reference to NuGet package "SkyBridge.InstantRemotingAPI".
  4. Write three lines of code as shown in the screenshots below.
  5. Hit F5 to run - it is that simple!

A service:

A client:

Download the above example project

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