SkyBridge® stands as the world's simplest and yet most powerful .NET remoting SDK, offering capabilities on both OSI layer 4 (transport) and layer 7 (application).

Layer-4: Instant Remoting

The Instant Remoting SDK empowers you to write merely three lines of code in .NET, facilitating instant exchange of byte arrays of any size between computers situated behind disparate corporate firewalls.

The receiver makes a function call on our SDK to tell our cloud service, "I am X, if anyone sends me a byte array, call my method Y with it." Y returns a byte array which is instantly sent back to the sender as a reply.

Then, any program around the world can make a function call on our SDK to tell our cloud service, "Here is a byte array, send it to X." This function call returns instantly with the array replied by the receiver.

This versatility accommodates a myriad of application types. Our layer-7 remoting SDK is built upon this very foundation.

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Layer-7: Proxy DLL

This SDK allows your .NET application to invoke a normal class library (DLL) on a remote computer as if the DLL is on your computer.

No extra coding is needed:

  • In a few mouse clicks, you generate a proxy DLL from the original DLL which you want to remotely invoke. The proxy DLL is also a normal .NET DLL and has the same public interface as the original DLL.
  • On the remote computer which has the original DLL, you download and start our app, which registers the original DLL as a recipient of remote invocations.
  • You add reference to the proxy DLL in your Visual Studio project, build it and run it.
  • When your code calls a method on the proxy DLL, this method uses our layer-4 remoting SDK to remotely call the namesake on the original DLL and get the result back instantly.

This way, your Visual Studio project doesn't even know that what it has is not the original DLL, because the proxy has the same behaviour as the original DLL.

Again, there can be infinite types of applications.

Use cases | More details | 7-minute demo | Downloads.

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